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10571NAT Certificate IV in Workplace Mentoring

The purpose of 10571NAT Certificate IV in Workplace Mentoring is to prepare the participant to perform the role of a Workplace Mentor as well as the role of a Workplace Mentor Team Leader including supervising mentors within defined workplace parameters.

10571NAT  is made up of 13 units of competency and delivered through a blend of:

  • face to face workshops;
  • distance learning; and
  • mentor support learning; and

structured as:

  • 3 x 2 full day workshops; and
  • 6 x (up to) 15 minute individual phone mentor learning sessions

Units of Competency:


Use targeted communication skills to build relationships


Provide work skill instruction


Develop teams and individuals


Lead a team to foster innovation


Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace


Mentor in the workplace


Promote and facilitate self advocacy


Mentor individuals or small groups


Provide coaching and motivation


Maintain workplace safety


Lead work teams and groups


Mentor others in the workplace to support their language, literacy and numeracy development


Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers

Entry requirements:

be employed in, or have access to, a workplace or simulated work environment where:

  • mentoring individuals or small groups can be conducted; and
  • opportunities to facilitate teams and supervise team members can occur

have language, literacy and numeracy levels sufficient to:

  • actively encourage others to learn;
  • take a leadership role;
  • initiate team problem solving;
  • make changes to own and others work routines to meet deadlines;
  • develop, document and communicate mentor plans and information; and adapt to change

Cost: $2,800.00

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Download our course flyer for more information:

10571NAT Certificate IV in Workplace Mentoring PDF

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