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Out products fit all industry groups and can be customised to incorporate specific cultural learning within multicultural learning environments. Contact us to find out how we can assist you to develop and implement a Workplace Mentor Strategy and your Reconciliation Action Plan

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Mental Health First Aid Training

The course has been designed by Mental Health First Aid Australia. The course teaches members of the public how to provide appropriate assistance to a person who is developing a mental illness or is in a mental health crisis. The course is not designed for health professionals and does not train a person to become a counsellor or therapist.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health First Aid (ATSI MHFA) has a cultural component that teaches the public how to provide culturally appropriate assistance.

Standard Mental Health First Aid is designed to provide assistance to main stream Australia.

Across Culture has accredited trainers who can deliver both streams, ATSI MHFA and and Standard MHFA. The workshop is delivered over 14 hours.


Download our course flyer for more information:

Mental Health First Aid Training PDF



MHFA062017Across Culture is a Gold Member of the Australian Mental Health First Aid Associations Skilled Workplace program.

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