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Out products fit all industry groups and can be customised to incorporate specific cultural learning within multicultural learning environments. Contact us to find out how we can assist you to develop and implement a Workplace Mentor Strategy and your Reconciliation Action Plan

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Provide Leadership as a Mentor

This workshop covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge to provide leadership as a mentor, including to:

  • identify your own leadership qualities as a mentor
  • communicate with influence
  • model and lead to assist the mentee to explore new ways of thinking and working

This workshop covers the manner in which a mentor models leadership by understanding self as a leader, inspiring a shared vision, assisting others to explore new ways and enabling others to act.

A mentor is also a leader and has a strong influence on the work culture, values, ethics and diverse community practices. Mentors lead the way by setting examples for others and consistently aligning their actions and values and improving own performance.

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