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Why Engage Qualified Mentors?

Mentoring within diverse environments requires culturally competent and qualified mentors. Educating people with the knowledge and skills to mentor across cultures is a key success factor that will assist businesses to engage with employees from diverse groups. Our mentor qualification is accredited, meets industry standards and supports diverse work environments.

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Utilising an ageing workforce

We have an aging workforce, many of whom do not want to retire but are happy to work on a casual or part time basis. They want to feel valued and that their experience and knowledge is not going to go to waste. Organisations are fighting for skills and knowledge particularly as they come to the realisation that much of their knowledge base will be retiring very soon.

We are importing people/skills from overseas. Our younger population, in general, won't be able to sustain the older generation in retirement.

Many of the people who come into Australia still need to update their skills and knowledge to comply with Australian standards. They also need to understand Australian culture, both within organisations and generally, to be productive. The generation moving into retirement is well placed to mentor people coming from other cultures including our Indigenous colleagues if they are trained in cultural mentoring.

"More people are leaving the workforce than entering it and that means less money received in income tax to help pay retiree benefits. By 2050, the number of people older than 65 is expected to be almost 23 per cent of the population, up from 13.5 per cent in 2010, according to projections by the Federal Treasury. That will leave just 2.7 workers to support each retiree, compared with about five workers in 2010. In response to this shift, the eligibility age for the means-tested Aged Pension, which means people born after 1 July 1952 will need to work an additional two years (from 65 to 67 years) before they can access the pension. While many older Australians want to stay in the workforce past retirement age, and some need to, their desire for appropriate and adequate employment is often hindered by prevailing cultural stereotypes.” Tracey Evens, 2013.

Retain your aging workforce for longer. Retain your business knowledge. Pass on skills and knowledge through cultural mentoring.

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